MIDNIGHT RIDER is a german Heavy Metal Band, formed in Koblenz in 2004, by Guitarist and main Songwriter Blumi. The Genre is classical Heavy Rock.


The first line up was a german-japanese-alliance with the following members: on vocals Wayne (ex-British Steel), on guitar Blumi (Metal Inquisitor, Metalucifer), on bass Cliff (Metal Inquisitor, Deathfist, Metalucifer) and the second guitar by Samm (Magnesium, Ex-Sabbat) and drums by Kenji (Gorgon).

After the release of the selftitled 12" EP "Midnight Rider" in 2007 the band became very quick a well noticed underground-act worldwide. Untill today the band gets more known all over the world.

Since 2013 the band has a new line up and consists of german members only. In the end of 2017 the band will release their long awaited first full-length-album with 10 brilliant songs.


Micha "Wayne" Baum - Vocals
Micha "Wayne" Baum - Vocals